Our Team

Our Team

Amazing Team
Amazing Team

Luyang Technology Co., Ltd. has their best employees in helping and supporting the growth of the company. Luyang Technology Co., Ltd. is a family of professional, dedicated and efficient people whose main goal is to serve and satisfy different clients worldwide by working together with love and enthusiasm.

In pass 10 years, Luyang retain talents over than 90% because we knows happy employees are the best support the growth of enterprises. Luyang are a family company full of efficiency, health and enthusiasm attitude that is what we are made from and what it means to be Luyang made.


Research & Development

With more than 30 years of experience, Luyang research and development center always targets its goal in serving its clientele. Our engineers act quickly and have the strong ability to provide OEM and ODM with a high technical design.

Luyang engineers always ensure and guarantee high quality products and give advance technical development through integrating technologies, new materials, reliable testing methods and processing methods. Being the best technology provider is our core value.


Using precise equipment, processing methods and streamlined manufacturing systems, our products are proven for having steady quality, low temperature, and low noise while functioning. All our materials are made in high quality production of our products to be delivered to our valuable partners and customers worldwide.


Luyang strictly enforces an administrative policy on technology, cost control, speed, service and trust. Over 30 years of experience in machinery industry, we has become one of best manufacturer of quality motors and reducers products.


Luyang offers products and services to domestic and foreign demands and provides quick response and timely supports to widen overall sales and clients. Customers can contact us to find a local service in several countries.

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