Separated Speed Control Motors



This motor has flange mount and foot mount types and represent high torque and superior efficiency.

AC Small Motors

AC Small Motors

Motors can support AC power supply voltages to meet the local voltage. Single phase or 3 phase are available.


Separated Speed Control Motors | Electric Motor Supplier - LUYANG

Based in Taiwan, LUYANG Technology Co., Ltd. is one of leading Separated Speed Control Motors | electric motor suppliers, since 1979.

DC motor, AC motor, gear motor, brushless dc motor, gear reducer, ring blower and vacuum pump comply with international standards, which are safe, low temperature and low noise. Special electric motor design according to client's specification is provided as well.

LUYANG has been offering customers high quality Motors, Gearmotors, Gearboxes, Controllers, Reducer, Ring Blower, Vacuum Pump, Impulse Sealer, L Stand with a solid reputation. With both advanced technology and 32 years of experience, LUYANG makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Separated Speed Control Motors

6, 15, 25, 40, 60, 90, 120, 150RA / RGN / RGU

Speed Variable Motor, Speed Adjustable Motor

Speed Control Motor
Speed Control Motor

Adjust The Motor Speed By Using Controller.


  • Easily set and adjust the speed of single phase motors.
  • Need to connect with SS type controller.
  • Coating housing.
  • Low temperature rise, low noise.
  • Made in Taiwan.


  • Output: 6W ~ 150W
  • Global Power Supply Voltages: Only single phase (capacitors necessary) is available.
  • Speed control range:
    90 ~ 1350 rpm / min (50Hz)
    90 ~ 1600 rpm / min (60Hz)
    Note 1: Speed control range is under no-loading environment.
    Note 2: Three-phase motor is required to operate with inverter.
  • Meet Specific Application Requirements: Can collocate gearboxes or reducer for reducing Rpm but heightening torque.
  • Optional Accessories: Terminal box / Fan

Specification Sheet

ModelTypeFrame SizeOutputMotor ShaftVoltage
2IK6RA(RGN)Con. speed control motor60mm6WRound / PinionSingle phase
2RK6RA(RGN)Speed control reversible motor60mm6WRound / PinionSingle phase
3IK15RA(RGN)Con. speed control motor70mm15WRound / PinionSingle phase
3RK15RA(RGN)Speed control reversible motor70mm15WRound / PinionSingle phase
4IK25RA(RGN)Con. speed control motor80mm25WRound / PinionSingle phase
4RK25RA(RGN)Speed control reversible motor80mm25WRound / PinionSingle phase
5IK40RA(RGN)Con. speed control motor90mm40WRound / PinionSingle phase
5RK40RA(RGN)Speed control reversible motor90mm40WRound / PinionSingle phase
5IK60RA(RGN,RGU)Con. speed control motor90mm60WRound / PinionSingle phase
5RK60RA(RGN,RGU)Speed control reversible motor90mm60WRound / PinionSingle phase
5IK90RA(RGU)Con. speed control motor90mm90WRound / PinionSingle phase
5RK90RA(RGU)Speed control reversible motor90mm90WRound / PinionSingle phase
5IK120RA(RGU)Con. speed control motor90mm120WRound / PinionSingle phase
5RK120RA(RGU)Speed control reversible motor90mm120WRound / PinionSingle phase
5IK150RA(RGU)Con. speed control motor90mm150WRound / PinionSingle phase
5RK150RA(RGU)Speed control reversible motor90mm150WRound / PinionSingle phase
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