About Us

About Us

Gear Motor and Reducer Supplier

Luyang Technology Co., Ltd.
Luyang Technology Co., Ltd.

Luyang Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in 1979. We are the company which is known to be the specialized supplier of motors and reducers such as AC Motor, DC Motor, Gear Reducer, BLDC, Carton Sealer and other motor parts for more than 30 years.

We are consistently dedicated to satisfy our clients by having immediate response and service toward their demands and having high quality products. With over 30 years in machinery industry, Luyang products are circulated in North America, Europe, Japan, India and Southeast Asia, etc. Luyang products have reliable performance and have been certified by CE (Europe), UL (USA, Canada) international standards. Because of this, our products are being circulated around North America, Europe, Japan, India and Southeast Asia.

Our company caters various motor specifications for OEM and ODM with high quality and technical design with a competitive price. Luyang motors are applied to automation, packing, food, medical service and any other kind of industry for innovation in motion

Our Value

To serve our customers' demands and to exceed their expectations.

Corporate Culture (VISION)

Efficiency, Quality, Teamwork, Health, Enthusiasm

Concept of Management

Technology Innovation Standardized Quality, Efficiency, Immediate Response Service, Customer Confidence.

Service Policy

Our service concept is "Customer-Oriented" and continue to enhance our service quality and response at target time. Luyang acts quickly to our clients' needs and has the ability to provide them great product design, well manufactured products with quality control and technology support.

Corporate Responsibility

We ensure to contribute for greener environment, for living in healthier and comfortable life, and we participate in charitable events.


LUYANG Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 in Taichung city, Taiwan. Luyang is a specialized DC and AC motors supplier inTaiwan. China branch are established in 2010 for local service.


In 1979LUYANG Industry was founded.
In 1986Reorganized as LUYANG Machinery & Electrical, a professional supplier of motors and reducers.
In 1992Producing an exceptional gearmotor applied in carton sealer machine.
In 1996Introduced small motors "K-Series".
In 2003Approved CE certification.
In 2010Established China branch in Kunsan city.
In 2015High efficiency of motors (IE3) have massed production.
In 2016Recognized UL certified of USA and Canada.

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