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    Gear Motor

    K Series

    Small Gear Motor
  • Conveyor Equipment

    AC Gear Motor
  • Brushless DC Motor

    DC Series

    Brushless DC Motor
  • Automated Machinery and Equipment

    AC Small Gear Motor
  • AC Gear Motor

    L Series

    AC Gear Motor
  • Packaging Machine

    AC Gear Motor

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New Products

We are constantly pursuing progress and breakthroughs, providing a variety of AC motors, brushless DC motors, reducers and high efficiency motors, and continuously launching new products, corresponding to customized motors and gear boxes to provide customers with more diverse choices.


Low Temperature
Low Noise
No Oil Change

Low Temperature / Low Noise / No Oil Change

Induction Motor

【IK Type-K Series】

Motor with Gear Box

【AC Small Motor with Gear Box -K Series】

Permanent-Magnet Brushed DC Motor

【D05 / D06 / D07 / D08 / D10 / D12 / D18】

GN Helical GearBox

【K Series】

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