LV Vertical Gearmotors



This motor has flange mount and foot mount types and represent high torque and superior efficiency.

AC Small Motors

AC Small Motors

Motors can support AC power supply voltages to meet the local voltage. Single phase or 3 phase are available.


LV Vertical Gearmotors | Electric Motor Supplier - LUYANG

Based in Taiwan, LUYANG Technology Co., Ltd. is one of leading LV Vertical Gearmotors | electric motor suppliers, since 1979.

DC motor, AC motor, gear motor, brushless dc motor, gear reducer, ring blower and vacuum pump comply with international standards, which are safe, low temperature and low noise. Special electric motor design according to client's specification is provided as well.

LUYANG has been offering customers high quality Motors, Gearmotors, Gearboxes, Controllers, Reducer, Ring Blower, Vacuum Pump, Impulse Sealer, L Stand with a solid reputation. With both advanced technology and 32 years of experience, LUYANG makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

LV Vertical Gearmotors

LV18 / LV22 / LV28 / LV32 / LV40 / LV50 - L Series

Vertical Flange Motor with Helical Gear Reducer

LV Vertical Flange Gearmotors
LV Vertical Flange Gearmotors

Luyang gearmotors are composed of motors and vertical type gear reducers. Gearmotors have a impact structure with high torque performance, low temperature rise, and low vibration. For reducing noise, our gears of gear reducers adopt special tooth-surface machining; furthermore, all of gear reducers are under restrict inspection about the precision of gears to ensure no oil leaking and operating smoothly. Luayng also supply premium efficiency motors within IE3 efficiency level from now on. Premium efficiency motors can expect total reliability, long life and maximum robustness.

Gearmotors are applied to automation machine, packing machine, food machine, medical service and any other kind of industry for innovation in motion. High efficiency motors IE3 level are available now.


  • Low noise and low temperature rise.
  • Unique design of averting oil leaking.
  • High efficiency (IE3 Level).
  • Aluminum housing with coating processes.
  • Impact size.
  • Made in Taiwan.


  • Output: 100W ~ 3700W (1/8HP ~ 5HP)
  • Voltage: Single phase (capacitors necessary) or three phase.
  • Gear Ratio: 3/1 ~ 1800/1.
  • Optional Accessories: Brake installation applied for brake gearmotors.
  • Meet Specific Application Requirements: Can apply in automation machine, packing machine, food machine, conveyor belt equipment, furniture, medical equipment etc.

Specification Sheet

3-Phase Vertical Gearmotor3 ~ 200100W ~ 3700W (1/8HP ~ 5HP)-
Single-Phase Vertical Gearmotor3 ~ 200100W ~ 1500W (1/8HP ~ 2HP)-
3-Phase Vertical Brake Gearmotor3 ~ 200100W ~ 3700W (1/8HP ~ 5HP)With Brake
Single-Phase Vertical Brake Gearmotor3 ~ 200100W ~ 1500W (1/8HP ~ 2HP)With Brake
Vertical High Ratio Gearmotor250 ~ 1800100W ~ 400W (1/8HP ~ 1/2HP)-
Vertical High Ratio Brake Gearmotor250 ~ 1800100W ~ 400W (1/8HP ~ 1/2HP)With Brake
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