120W Brushless Motor Driver
Product Description

9BU120A-A30 / 9BU120GB-A30

The BU series brushless motor is a thin, compact, high-efficiency, low-noise, high-torque brushless motor. The driver is equipped with a digital display panel and setting knob. The wiring is simple, just connect the motor and driver. , convenient for users to quickly install and start.

Unlike traditional brushed motors, brushless motors do not require the use of carbon brushes and commutators, which can reduce wear and maintenance requirements and extend service life. Another advantage of the brushless motor is that it has a wider speed control range and can maintain efficient operation within a wide speed range. Even at low speeds within the rated speed range, the torque can be maintained stable and is not affected by low speeds.

These advantages make brushless motors widely used in various fields such as automation equipment, food machinery, packaging equipment, storage equipment, conveyor belt equipment, meat cutting machines, agricultural equipment, etc. With the demand for environmentally sustainable and low energy consumption, the application scope of brushless motors has further expanded, becoming the core driving component of more equipment and systems.

Our products will help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and maintain your competitive advantage.

  • AC power input.
  • Small size, low power consumption and high efficiency.
  • Broad speed control range: 80~4000Rpm/min, not affected by low speed.
  • 4-speed operation setting, digital display, settable acceleration/deceleration time, equipped with alarm display.
  • Output power: 120W
  • Standard reduction ratio: 5~100 ratio.
  • Power input voltage: single-phase AC100~120V, single-phase AC200~240V, three-phase AC200~240V
  • Speed ​​control range: 80~4500rpm/min.
  • Protection functions: overload, overcurrent, overspeed, motor rotation, detector abnormality and other protections.


Motor modelRound shaft type9BU120A-A30
Pinion type9BU120GB-A30
Driver model BUD120-A BUD120-C
Rated output                          (W) 120
Power input Rated voltage       (V) Single phase 110V Single phase 220V/ Three phase 220V
Voltage tolerance -15% ~ +15%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Frequency allowable error - 5% ~ +5%
Rated input current A     (A) 3.3 2.0/ 1.1
Maximum input current A      (A) 6.8 4.1/ 2.0
Rated RPM                     (r/min) 3000
Speed control range           (r/min) 80~4500
Speed change rate - 0.2% ~ +0.2%
Rated torque                     (N-m) 0.38
Maximum torque            (N-m) 0.57
Rate Time Continuous
Degree of Protection Motor: IP40   Driver: IP20
Insulation class Class B
Shaft material Motor shaft, reducer output shaft: steel
Driver detector Hall element
Insulation current protection Motor: Coil to case DC500V 100MΩ or more
Driver: Power terminal to driver heat sink DC500V 100MΩ or more
Insulation pressure resistance Motor: coil to housing AC1500V/1 minute
Driver: Power terminal to driver shell AC500V/1 minute
Usage environment Temperature: 0 ~ +40℃ (no freezing)
Humidity: below 85% (no condensation)
Altitude: below 1000m above sea level
Environment: No corrosive gas or dust. Do not use in explosive, radioactive places, magnetic fields, vacuum and other special environments.
Storage environment Temperature: -20 ~ +70℃ (no freezing)
Humidity: below 85% (no condensation)
Altitude: below 3000m above sea level
Environment: Avoid direct sunlight, less salt and well-ventilated place.

Product model list

Motor modelTypeFrame numberOutput powerMotor shaft typeDriver modelPower supply voltageCorresponding gearboxReduction ratio
9BU120A-A30 Brushless motor 90mm 120W Round shaft BUD120-A Single phaseAC100~120V - -
BUD120-C Single phaseAC200~240V/ Three-phaseAC200~240V
9BU120GB-A30 Brushless motor 90mm 120W Helical gear shaft BUD120-A Single-phaseAC100~120V 9GB 5,10,15,20,30,50,100
BUD120-C Single-phaseAC200~240V/ Three-phaseAC200~240V

Motor torque characteristics

■ 120W Motor

Reducer specifications

Reducer           Deceleration ratio51015203050100
Motor shaft speed
Output shaft speed   (r/min) 3000r/min 600 300 200 150 100 60 30
Allowable torque (N.m) 120W 80~3000r/min 1.65 3.30 5.04 6.69 9.60 15.91 30.00
4500r/min 1.17 2.34 3.51 4.68 6.66 11.07 22.23
Allowable hoisting load (N) 120W Distance from the front of the output shaft 10mm 300 400 500
120W Distance from the front of the output shaft 20mm 400 500 650
Allowable thrust load (N) 120W 150
Operation direction In the same direction as the motor In the opposite direction of the motor

External View

■ 120W Motor
■ 120W Motor with Gear Box Set
5~20 96mm
30~100 109mm
■ Driver
■ Accessories: Cable (optional)

Operation Instructions

■ Driver Functions
Driver front panel (with front cover)
Driver front panel (without front cover) Back of driver
  • Main power connector
  • Single-phase input: Please connect L1 and L2 to the main power connector.
  • Three-phase input: Please connect L1, L2, L3 to the main power connector.
■ Functions
Operation Mode Motor start/stop
Switch running direction
Adjusting speed
Selection of three operating modes
Four-stage operating setting (speed, torque limit, acceleration/deceleration time)
Upper and lower limit settings of motor speed
Set and display the speed reduction ratio or increase ratio
Gentle start/soft stop
Simple stop and hold mode
Speed setting method Use the knob to adjust the speed
Use I/O to set the speed of four-stage running data
Acceleration time,
deceleration time*
Analog Setting: Set by acceleration and deceleration knob. Set within the range of 0.1~15 seconds.
Digital Setting: Set the number of each segment of the operating data. Set within the range of 0.1~15 seconds.
*1 Actual acceleration time and deceleration time are affected by the customer's usage conditions, load inertia, load torque, etc.
Input signal Optocoupler input method: power supply must be less than 10mA
Operation using internal power supply: DC5V
Connectable external DC power supply: DC5~30V
SINK input/SOURCE input
Three groups of inputs (X0~X2) can be assigned to signals. Factory settings: [FWD], [REV], [M0]
Output signal Optocoupler, transistor open collector circuit output
External DC power supply: DC5~30V
SINK output/SOURCE output
Two sets of outputs (Y0~Y1) can be assigned to the signal. Factory setting: [SPEED OUT], [ALARM OUT]
Protection function Abnormal alarm display, overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed, motor stall, detector abnormality, safe start, driver overtemperature, driver power module abnormality.
■ Multi-stage speed operation

While using multi-stage speed, switch between M0, M1 and input to perform multi-stage operation.

Operation dataM0M1Speed
No.1 OFF OFF 3000
No.2 ON OFF 2000
No.3 OFF ON 1000
No.4 ON ON 500

Note: Please refer to the BU series operation manual for relevant details.

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